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How To Set Up Your GC/MS Analysis In 3 Easy Steps

Most software is easily navigable with a little practice.  Have your syringe ready and be sure to follow the 3 simple steps in this video: Advertisements

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Spectrum One FTIR Installed

A Perkin Elmer Spectrum 100 FTIR has been revived to replace her older cousin.  Upgrades include easily replaceable parts in a more compact unit.  This series also provides more accurate and reproducible scans with higher sensitivity according to PE.  The additional IR … Continue reading

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Purify While You Sleep: HPLC Autosampling

SJU now has a Waters 717 Autosampler connected to a 600 HPLC pump and controller, thereby eliminating the need to manually inject samples.  With simple programming, up to 96 prepared vials can be injected and analyzed without a chemist present. … Continue reading

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